New Age Conservative               

 By Brandon Brunson
        It’s a new time in history. Yet, our country is being run by leaders from an old era.  So many feel leaders in our government are “out of touch”. As a new age brings new technology, ability and knowledge, some remain set in there old ways.  America is at a crossroad torn between the politicians of the past struggling to maintain control as the leaders of our future are emerging. With new ideas to combat a changing world, economy, and educational expectations comes a new age of leaders that are gaining more support. 

     As a conservative, I look at the   Democratic Party and see disappointment among them. Hillary Clinton after 35 years in the political arena appears to be running uncontested in the Democratic party. How disappointed must so many of them be to have no more bright capable leaders to present a wealth of new ideas to make a positive change in America, than one predetermined candidate. I would think certainly there must be some incredibly bright men and women with a more fresh perspective that would come from a party that prides itself on diversity. The leaders of the Democratic Party seem anything but diverse. Not only lacking in diversity, they seem  to lack in choices.


       I feel a frustration is growing in the Democratic Party from the tight grip being held by leaders of the past that are suffocating there party by not letting it evolve with changing times. The times change but what they claim to want to change does not. If they have been in the Whitehouse for the last 7 years, I wonder if it’s becoming apparent that the message should have changed as they should have accomplished changing what they said to there voters they were actually going to change or improve. I encourage democrats to stand up in there own party and demand an answer for the failing policy’s that are dragging America and there own party down. I encourage them to challenge Hillary Clinton with thier new age of leaders that would likely grow there ideas rather than just remain the ideas from the past that are not working now.  


      I hope conservatives continue to welcome the new leaders emerging in our Party as they are all inspiring, and in touch with Americans and recognize the new challenges we face in a constantly changing world. It is these emerging leaders that have given way to a sense of renewal and inspiration among all Republicans. America deserves the best, not the most connected or most experienced or whatever they claim qualifies them. Simply, the best of all that America has to offer and certainly that can not come from only one uncontested candidate. This is why Republicans truly have the advantage now. It’s time for change, and choices of who can bring the change that will keep America safe, strong, proud, and the most productive economy in the world. The current administration has failed not only the voters that elected it but all Americans. It has failed the Allies who look to us and those who look up to us because of the values we represent that so many believe in. The one thing that is certain, is this will not change if we extend the current policy’s through someone like Hillary Clinton who was part of that very administration, directly involved in those very failures and the architect of some of those very ideas. It is past due time for a change for Democrats and Republicans, and now is the time to make that difference in the direction of our own Party’s let alone our Country. It is a new age with new challenges and we need a leader from today to take America in the right direction.